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I Made A Profit Both Shows at Laurel Park Place Mall
Kelli Santo, Jewelry 
All event Exhibitors​

Pass out numbered tickets to 
every shopper that walks by your 
table in the mall. Shoppers must
 stop and look at bingo numbers
 that are different on vendor tables.

Laurel Park Place
37700 West Six Mile 
 Livonia, MI 48152

WHEN   Saturdays 9am-7pm
Laurel Park Place, Livonia
October 29, 2016 
  (March 4 & October 28, 2017)

Oakland Mall  
October 15, 2016 
 (March 18 & October 14, 2017)

1. Everyone wants Free Lunch
2. Fun way to talk with shoppers
3. Shoppers with handful of tickets
4. Shoppers stop look at all tables
5. Effective to get people to look

1. Smile greet each person, hand ticket for   
2. Tell each person to look at bingo cards on   
    every table are different numbers
3. 30 FREE LUNCH Gift Cards for shoppers

Laurel Park Place   Livonia, MI
Oakland Mall
Troy, MI

Hazel Park Raceway
Hazel Park Raceway

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Tease Advertising

Winning Numbers posted at 
Laurel Park Place August 25, 2016

  *   Back to school shoppers will see signs in store windows       *   Signs on frames in mall hall way FREE LUNCH BINGO
  *   Signs in windows vacant stores
  *   Mystery to shoppers and mall workers
  *  Only event date and winning numbers posted
  *  Shoppers will ask at mall stores
  *  Tease shoppers to come back on October 29. 2016

30 FREE LUNCH Gift Cards to mall restaurants 

*  Exhibitors / Vendors pass out tickets to all shoppers
*  Post ticket numbers on your website, facebook
*  Invite family, friends, neighbors to attend events
*  Shoppers find matching number on vendor table
*  Shoppers must shout out loud:  BINGO I WON FREE LUNCH 
*  Family, friends, neighbors can not win at your table
*  Vendors not eligible 
*  Winner must be over 18

1.  Get shoppers to stop and look at tables
2.  All vendors pass out numbered tickets all day
3.  Shoppers will have hand fulls of tickets
4.  Shoppers will stop and look at every table

30 Gift Cards to mall restaurants for shoppers

Oakland Mall - October 15, 2016  &   Laurel Park Place - October 29, 2016  
 Fun & Exciting For Shoppers - All Day Winners Shout Out:

> We ask winner to SHOUT AS LOUD AS THEY CAN!
> All Exhibitors and Vendors clap loud for 10 seconds
> Everyone in mall will stop what they are doing and look over to the excitement
> Mall Shoppers and Workers will walk over to table with winning FREE LUNCH
> Mall Shoppers will walk over to vendor tables to see what is going on
> Vendors keep on passing out tickets all day to get shoppers to look at all tables
> FREE LUNCH winner will remember vendor they won from
30 Gift Cards to Laurel Park Place Restaurants

Print 2 copies  
Send 1 US Mail, Bring 1

 Exclusive Exhibitors
1 person each brand
 These banners above were posted inside Laurel Park Place, in Livonia, MIchigan 60 days before each event..  Fore two months, everyone was talking about the event.  aAsking what was going on, how to get FREE LUNCH..  

No one knows the answer!  This will attract many people, curious, intrigued, a mystery what is happening October 28, 2017

FREE LUNCH BINGO for shoppers, free tickets at all tables, find matching number
shout out loud:  BINGO I WON FREE LUNCH.   No purchase required.  

Shoppers going into every store to find out about FREE LUNCH.

Mall workers for more than two months before the event  have been talking to shoppers.  Everyone is curious.
Saturday October 28, 2017