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* Entrepreneurs * Exhibitors * Jewelry * Vendors 
* Direct Sales * Micro-Enterprises * New Products 
* New & Local Businesses,Companies, Services                                          WHAT
  Entrepreneurs EXPO   &
Michigan Crafters Marketplace
Oakland Mall Small Business FAIR
412 W 14 Mile, Troy, MI 48083
Saturdays 10a-7p  * set up 8a
    March 10, October 13, 2018
       1.  Location Location Location ! 
       2.   Great opportunity
       3.   Saturday Busiest Shopping day        
*  Up to 50% more shoppers cold weather months.

Exclusive Exhibitors 
One rep from each brand every event
No competitors same event

All Entrepreneurs to attend, print 2 copies of CONTRACT on paper.  Complete and mail with check or money order 90 days before event to receive $20 advance discount.  OR:
Mail check with full payment if less than 90 days before event.

Pay online Eventbrite.  
Mail in CONTRACT US Mail in advance for mall approval and to list with insurance.  

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Are you an Entrepreneur?
EXPO Michigan
Advertise * Exhibit * Market * Promote * Sell
In The Middle of Oakland Mall, Troy, MI
Show It!   What do you do?

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March 10, October 13, 2018
Presented by:

ELDER FORD  777 John R, Troy, MI
1.  Fill in, send 1 US Mail
2.  Fill in, bring contract printed on paper
3.  Mall late fee $10 no contract
100 Exhibitors tables set up inside stores at Oakland Mall, Troy, MI

$49  Exhibit, Promote, Sell

Home Based, Independent, Direct Sales, Local, Small Businesses and Services

Print on plain white paper 2 copies of contract for each and every table you rent

Fill in contracts

Send 1 US Mail with check or money order

Bring 1 filled in contract, matching the one that was mailed in
Mall security $10 late fee for no contract.  They must know what every
exhibitor will be presenting or selling, in advance.

Pay online Eventbrite ticket service.

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